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Common Questions and Answers

Payneless photography has two photographers, who will photograph my session?

Alexandra, the owner and main photographer of Payneless Photography shoots all boudoir and intimate sessions.


I’m not sure what to bring.

Don’t worry about this! We go over everything that might be used and could work for your session over our consultation usually sent over an email!


How much editing is done to my images?

The most that is normally done is colour correction, removal of blemishes, scratches, pimples, etc. We do also do minor skin softening. If you have any scars larger than a pet scratch, we will ask if you would like it removed or not. We do not remove tiger stripes unless asked. 


Will my images be published online?

We do NOT post anything without your permission. If you let us post any or all images from your session, you will be provided with an image release contract. This decision can be made after your viewing session. 


What about hair and makeup? 

EVERY Boudoir Session INCLUDES hair and makeup for every female (or male at client’s request).


Where will my session be held?

They can also be held in the comfort of your home at no additional cost. We can also do sessions in air bnbs and hotels at the client’s expense. At this time, we no longer have a home studio for you to come to, but we bring all our professional lights to you!


When should I book?

The sooner the better. Sessions are booked on a first come first serve basis. We have a limited number of slots available throughout the week. Contact us for availability.


How long will my session last?

Depending on the session you picked your session can last up to 4 hours plus hair and makeup. Average 2-3 hours should be put aside for pampering. 


When can I see my images?

Viewing sessions are booked a couple days after the session so you can see your images then. We cannot guarantee all the images to be done before the viewing session, as this session is usually booked as soon as 1-2 days after your boudoir session. 

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